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How to create a loyalty card

A loyalty card is a campaign that offers a stamp card service, where customers receive a stamp for each specific purchase made at the store. Once a specific number of stamps is collected, the customer receives a reward, such as free products or discounts. This program aims to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business by providing incentives for frequent purchases.

This is how you can use this feature:

  1. Log in Dashboard - Headquarter (Make sure you have access to the customer in dashboard by having a user)

  2. On home screen, click on Create campaign -> then select App/codes - Loyalty card

This will open the creation of a loyalty card where you will have to configure it.

  • Step "1. Coupon" is quite similar to a regular coupon, the only difference is in “Advanced'', where you will be able to configure autostamps, depending on whether they are based on product codes or the total basket value. 

  • Based on product codes: It means that the system will give a stamp whenever the client buys a specific product.

  • Based on total basket value: In this case, the stamp will be given whenever the client spends at least the specific amount of money.

  • In step “2. POS input” you will be able to configure how the stamps work. First, you will have the option: “Last round goes forever” that will be activated by default, which means that once a customer reaches the last validation stamp, it will automatically reset it.

By default, the option "Use same conditions for all card stamps" will be activated. However, if you wish to establish different conditions for specific stamp cards, you must uncheck this option and configure them separately.

In this step, it is important to take in mind while setting images that “image before” is the image that shows before the stamp is given and “image after” is the same but after the stamp is given. It means that if the stamp has 5 steps, “image after” in step 2 will be the same as “image before” in step 3.

You will be able to create rounds by clicking on the “Add new level” button. Once a customer completes a round, he will start the next one. When a customer completes the last one, he will not have to start from “round 1” since it will automatically start in the last setted round.

  • Steps "3. Receivers" and "4. Time settings" are exactly the same as a regular coupon.

  1. Save the settings to finish this process. Now the loyalty card is created.

  2. Now go to the dashboard main page, search the loyalty card and click on the cross at the right to set up associated content.


This will open a new window where you will be able to configure all the associated content and when it will be sent. 

  • Follow up on usage (optional): Here is where you will configure all associated content that will be sent whenever the customer receives a stamp (a stamp, a push notification, etc). Every single validation on the stamp card will trigger the content configured in this part

  • Follow up on specific validation: This section is of utmost importance as it allows you to configure the content that will be sent once the loyalty card is completed. If you wish not to provide any content as a reward in any other step, make sure to set it up correctly in the final step as you can see in the image above.

  • Define actions on campaign milestone (optional): In this section you will be able to configure content that will be sent on specific cases (when the customer shares it, when the card is about to expire, when you want to send extra content, etc)

Once everything is set, you will have fully created a loyalty card.

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