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Get inspired with some Real Cases 

This is an example rating campaign:

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One of the great benefits of a mobile loyalty programme is the chance to get instant, real-time feedback from your customers.

We allow you to track customer feedback using our “product rating” feature. Simply activate this feature within your dashboard and it will appear on your customer’s app. You can trigger product rating opportunities based on purchases or redemptions. You can also place unique codes on products or flyers and allow your customers to scan or input the code in the app and give a rating opportunity then in the app.

For really great feedback, incentives customers to complete a product rating with a reward coupon, e.g. a 50% off on the rated product.

When you are launching a new product, we recommend you always add a rating request as a follow-up. Ask them to rate the product and if they give a low rating, it’s a great opportunity to ask for more feedback.


To try a demonstration of our “product rating” function, click any of the phone images below, or simply scan the QR code using your Phone. 

We will automatically send you an SMS with your demonstration.



product rating

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