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Code Usage

Code Usage is a functionality provided by Liquid Barcodes and though to redeem Coupons that the user owns. The flow works in the following way:

  1. 1. User has a coupon in-app that was issued due to a subscription, a purchased shop offer, a reward, or any other method. That coupon allows the user to get a product or service given by a machine (like a car wash machine or coffee machine).
  2. 2. When a user is at the machine place (that can be identified by scanning a QR code), a coupon is validated using the app that will send POST /code/usage request to Liquid Barcodes. The user could take one of the available upselling options coming in GET /upselling-options response to use a different program that the one given by coupon with a configured surcharge.
  3. 3. Once redemption is done, Liquid Barcodes' back end will behave in one of the two following ways, depending on chosen configuration:
    • Offline: code is validated, coupon marked as redeemed and the response given to the app with no other interaction.
    • Online: Liquid Barcodes is integrated with the machines and communicates that the user wants to use that coupon, giving information about which program is this code (or upselling option) for. Finally, the code is validated, the coupon marked as redeemed, the response given to the app, and the machine activated to allow the user to take the corresponding product or service.

In the illustration below, the Online mode flow can be observed:

"I have a code" functionality

Besides, Code Usage is also used to transfer stamps from paper loyalty cards to apps. This can be done by introducing the paper code in the app and sending the POST /code/usage request. Then, new issued content will come in GET /content request.

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