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Find below the main integration flowcharts for the Car Wash Subscription product. A differentiation should be made between the apps developed entirely by Liquid Barcodes and third-party apps which integrate these services.

The relevant API: App API

Apps developed by Liquid Barcodes               



Registration - First time in the app. In this scenario, the consents are handled by LB.

Registration flow

Shop - Content purchase. Single Washes, Subscriptions, or any other product.

Shop flow

Consumption - API process to use your subscription plan where daily and/or monthly limits apply. It includes the multi-user plan add-on.

Consumption flow

Wash - Subsection of the consumption flow with the detailed washing process. Includes three possible triggers for the machine, wash code, QR code, and beacon device.

Wash flow

Renewal - Subscription renewal process

Renewal flow

Cancellation - Subscription cancellation process

Cancellation flow

Restart - Subscription restart process. This flow is relevant when the subscription is stopped, but not yet expired.
Restart flow - via LB web MyPage
Restart flow - via API endpoint

API integration in third-party apps

The only difference compared to the apps developed by Liquid Barcodes is in the registration process. In this case, a silent registration, where the consents are handled by the global app, occurs. This is called "ForeignId mode" on the LB side.



Registration - The user is registered by clicking on the Carwash section of the loyalty app. Then, the personalized offers are shown.

Registration foreignId

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