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Applicator service supports tender as a discount mechanism for coupons and gift cards.

What is a "Tender"? 

The standard setting for giving discounts to shoppers is through a price reduction (a rebate).

Alternatively, a price reduction can be given as a method of payment. The key difference is the resulting total value of the product that has been sold and hence the store revenue.


For example, a shopper buys coffee for €3 and has a coupon worth €1.

  • Rebate:
    • The coupon reduces the price of the coffee by €1, the amount to be paid is €2
    • The shopper pays €2 for the coffee
    • Store revenue is €2
  • Tender:
    • The price of the coffee is €3
    • €1 is paid with the coupon
    • The shopper pays €2 for the coffee
    • Store revenue is €3

Benefits and use cases

The main benefit of tender is that it allows stores to register correct turnover from coupon transactions inherently in the transaction. This ensures for example correct end-of-day reporting and VAT base amount.

This is especially useful in prepaid scenarios (gift cards, subscriptions, takeaway, etc.)

The Tender is sent to the POS as part of the RebateObject on the Applicator /sale response. The parameter "Tender" will be populated instead of "Rebate".

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