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Pay with points

Shoppers that participate in points programs can spend their points in the shop in-app or in physical stores. To allow shoppers to burn points in a physical store, POS needs to add points as a payment method.

Liquid Barcodes will send the shopper's points balance to the POS as part of the Applicator service - Sale response.

POS can request Liquid Barcodes to pay with points using Applicator Service - Points Spend function. This allows shoppers to spend as many points as possible on the transaction or limit the max amount of points to spend. POS can also instruct Liquid Barcodes to pay with points only for specific products.

The amount paid with points will be added as a new rebate line to the transaction, points will be deducted from the shopper's balance and an updated balance will be provided to POS.

Benefits and use cases

Points become more valuable for shoppers if they can use them to pay in-store. More valuable points also mean the attraction of the points program will increase.

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