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Push Notifications

Push notifications can have a dramatic positive effect on app opening rates. Liquid Barcodes supports sending push notifications depending on certain events to the app provided that the following steps are completed by the app developer/publisher:

  • On Android and on iPhone, register the application with the relevant push notification services (Apple, Google, etc)
  • Forward the credentials to Liquid Barcodes. The credentials we require are:
    • Apple push notification service: The iOS Push certificate
    • Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) service: The API key
  • Add functionality to register each instance of the application running on the consumers' devices with the relevant push notification services to obtain the DeviceToken/RegistrationID
  • Every time the DeviceToken/RegistrationID changes, AND upon achieving a successful registration, the app must call the RegisterDevice function described below.

It is very important to test push when releasing new app versions to avoid missing out on push notification registrations.

Note: Repeat device registration when the customer opens the app and the app does the initial GET /content request. The app does not have to reregister on every GET /content request, once per day is recommended.

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