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Get inspired with some Real Cases

This is an example survey:

The prize can be a wide range of rewards, eg. sending a coupon,  game, or survey, giving loyalty card stamp(s), top-up points balance, or gift card.

Survey Demo   


mobile loyalty programme

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DOWNLOAD Photoshop file with templates. The fastest way to create graphics.



All images are required and both PNG and JPG image formats are supported unless noted otherwise:

Introduction640App: Image coupon

SMS preview: 640
Click to start survey.
Background image640950To reduce graphics workload, the game can look great even with solid single colored background!

Must support random cropping!
Top imageOptional. Shown on top of each survey page. For example your logo.
End image600800Optional. If no image, you can write text.

Image shown on end screen when survey has been completed.
Thumb imageApp onlyApp specificApp specificApp specific


For apps, image sizes are app-specific.

One of the great benefits of a mobile loyalty program is the chance to get instant, real-time feedback from your customers.

We allow you to track customer feedback using our “survey” feature. Simply create any survey within your dashboard and it will appear on your customer’s app.

Our survey function is also a great way to continually capture richer consumer data from your users like their gender and age, or to even additional contact data like their e-mail addresses. By rewarding them with treats for completing each request for more data, you enjoy better information and they enjoy the benefits of personalised offers.

Surveys are also useful as a follow-up when you are launching a new product. Ask if they liked the new product and how likely they are to recommend the product to their friends.

Most importantly, this feature can be used to drive consent and app downloads as an key part of your paid media advertising. Ask customers to text “coffee” (for example) to a short SMS number and they receive the coupon in your app. Customers that do not have the app are sent a survey where they accept the terms and conditions and also get a link to download the app.

More Demos


mobile loyalty programme


mobile loyalty programme

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