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Content Events API

In the same domain that the rest of the Content API, Liquid Barcodes is offering a whole functionality to deal with Events API, an API that has some callback methods (they will be requested to you) where update events that can occur in Liquid Barcodes system will be posted.

To receive this kind of event you need to have an operative API domain and register it using Content API POST /listener method. You can also check the already registered listeners with GET/ listeners and delete them with DELETE /listener method.

In order to ease the use of this API, a Postman collection can be downloaded here.

At the time that you register the listener, the events that are wanted to be received can be selected in EventTypes parameters among the following options:

  • Status: will be sent after a successful call to POST /status-request.
  • Usage: will be sent when a coupon has been used.
  • Rewards: will be sent when a reward given by a third party should be issued.
  • Report: will be sent when a report has been generated.
  • ImportedCodesLowLevel: will be sent when the number of remaining imported codes is lower than a certain threshold.

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