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External User Creation & Consent Handling

If you already register customers on your side with a unique and persistent ID for each individual user and correct consent handling, you can perform a simpler registration process that can be done silently to the end-user. We call this Foreign Id Mode. 

Important note

Using this registration method it is the caller’s responsibility to handle all consent and management of the user’s data, and for ensuring user identity uniqueness and persistence.

It is important that the registration is done through the caller’s back end and not by the mobile application itself.

Registration flow

The main steps in this registration flow are:

  1. 1. Register user and consent in your system and create and store a unique and persistent UserID.
  2. 2. Register user in Liquid Barcodes system by posting your UserID using the POST /user request and it will return the processed user model. POST /initialize and POST /pin requests should not be used in Foreign Id Mode. 
  3. 3. You are now ready to use your own UserId with App API functional requests. At the moment of registration, an internal LB UserId will be mapped to the user created with the new foreignID. However, for the rest of the requests use ForeignId in UserId field. E.g. GET/content. If you use LB internal UserID, error "user not found" will be shown.
  4. 4. If still missing user information or any edition is wanted to be done, execute PUT /user call.


Liquid Barcodes Content API GET /report request use LB internal UserIDs, except the following exceptions that will user Foreign Id in case that users are registered using this mode:

  • CouponIssueReport
  • CouponValidationReport
  • ShopTransactionReport
  • ShopSettlementReport
  • MembersReport (LB internal UserIDs is used but ForeignId is in ExternalIdentifiers column)
  • BlockedMembersDataReport (LB internal UserIDs is used but ForeignId is in ExternalIdentifiers column)

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