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Send transaction to Liquid Barcodes

To start the process of applying personal coupons and rewards to the transaction, POS must prepare the transaction in-store.

Shopper identifies and adds products

The Shopper can identify via a registered payment method, by scanning a code from the app, or an external identification method. If the app is not used to identify shoppers in-store, the shopper must register the payment method or similar in the app before coming to the store.

The shopper adds all products to the basket as normal.

POS sends transaction to Liquid Barcodes

When all products have been added to the transaction, POS sends POST /applicator/sale request to Liquid Barcodes with:

  • list of products
  • list of general rebates
  • customer identification

A general rebate is a discount applied by POS that is available to all shoppers. This is the opposite of a Personal rebate that is a discount applied by Liquid Barcodes and is only available to registered members.


Next: Liquid Barcodes applies personal rebates and replies to POS.

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