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How to create and manage User groups in dashboard

User groups are a powerful tool to divide your users in different segments.

We have two different types for Member groups: 

  • Public: Anyone can join this group just by toggling in the app.
  • Private: It is necessary to have a code to join the group. This code can be sent via SMS, email, app or paper. 

3 steps to create a member group

0.   This step only applies if the group is private. The first thing to do is create the campaign that will allow the user to join the group. Create a coupon campaign (any type SMS, code or email will work). In Step 2. POS Input it is important to select “Allow in app validation” (under Advanced section) 

It is possible to create only 1 code that can be validated multiple times, or create many codes that can be validated once. Set this as any other regular coupon. In Step 4. Time settings, make sure the campaign will be active during all the time that this member group will be available. Otherwise it will not be possible to join the user group.

  1.  In Dashboard go to Settings page and select the tab “User Groups”. Click on Add group
  2. This will open a section where you can edit the group details. Fill all the fields: 
    • Name: name of the member group
    • Description: this is what will be shown in the app
    • Start date
    • Stop date: time frame when the member group will be active 
    • User viewable: allows users to see this in the app. When selected, more settings will be displayed
    • Join type: choose open to create a public group, or By code to create a private one.
    • Campaign: in case you chose to create a private group, here you may select the campaign that you previously created for this.
    • Order: in case there are more than one member group available, this will sort them in the app.
  3. Click on save changes. Once the member group is activated (according to its Start date) it will be shown in the app and members will be able to join it.  

Create campaigns for a group of members 

Once the member group is created, it is possible to send campaigns to these users. 

You can create a campaign as usual. In step 3. Receivers, select the option “Send to member group”. You can select to send this to one or more member groups, or even to exclude it. 

This is applicable to any kind of campaign (coupon, push notification, game…


How to add a member to a User group

Once the member group is created, there are different ways for a user to join the member group.

  • Via app: with the app users can join a User group by themselves. They should go to the correct section and join the User group:
    • Private user groups: entering the code they have been provided. They will automatically join the group.
    • Public user groups: just by toggling.
  • Via User support: in case a user is having trouble entering a group, or when a group is hidden from the app, any dashboard user can help them join a member group:
    1. Find the member in User support
    2. Go to the field "User groups"
    3. Click on Edit and check the requested group.
    4. Click on SAVE to complete the action.

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