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SMS or Email one to one

You want to distribute coupons one to one via SMS or email, eg. from an app, a landing page, or a banner ad.


The relevant API: Content API (IssueRequest function)


Technical flow description:



The Content API – IssueRequest function will allow you to issue coupons to a specific user from an app, a landing page or a banner. The user inputs the phone number or e-mail and you send this with your static credentials and a coupon campaign reference to issue the correct reward to the correct user. If the user has already registered her user reference, we recommend to prepopulate this or handle the user reference exclusively in the back end. The SMS or e-mail with coupon is then sent by Liquid Barcodes. The number of coupons per number or e-mail can be limited to one coupon across the whole campaign period or per day/month/year.


Example: Burn sampling through web and mobile banner ads. Consumers could type their phone number straight into the banner ad to receive the SMS with unique coupon.




Example: 7-Eleven did a scratch card campaign where users could win coupons. Users registered their mobile number the first time to start the game and could then play every day. If the user wins, the game remembers the mobile number and issues an SMS to that number using the coupon API integration, without the customer having to retype the number.


Example: The brand Tine wanted to engage their Ice Coffee consumers around FIFA World Cup and created a competition where one could win tickets to Brazil. The competition was marketed on mobile web banner ads as well as on their own web pages. Part of the marketing campaign was enabling consumers to taste their new product, a triple-espresso Iced coffee. By typing in their mobile number a free sample coupon was sent via SMS to their phone. One number could only get one coupon and the unique coupon automatically got a +5 days valid-to date to drive traffic to store.

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