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General Disclaimer

This document describes the interface to get the relevant content (coupons, games, survey, etc.) for a unique user and application. In order to utilize this interface there must be a commercial agreement with Liquid Barcodes in place. In all circumstances the IPR of the interface resides with Liquid Barcodes. Liquid Barcodes reserves the right to change this interface at any moment. Any implementation that utilizes this interface is the sole responsibility of the implementer, and under no circumstances should the issuing of this document be construed to signify that Liquid Barcodes will participate with the implementation, testing, verification of the implementation, unless otherwise agreed.

Liquid Barcodes requires external app developers (2nd or 3rd party) to follow guidelines for handling our API key. Technical instructions will be sent directly to the app developer. Liquid Barcodes App API includes best effort checks to detect unusual/abusive operations and minimize impact in case an API key should still be exposed.

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